Refunds and Returns

Software Refunds

Because the software is provided with a free trial before you purchase, all sales are presumed final. Please be certain you have thoroughly tested the software before purchasing a license.

(An exception can be made if your recently purchased license refuses to load on your hardware and OS platform. You'd need to ensure the error info is returned via Talkback, so the issue can be resolved.)

New Purchases

You can purchase a license for RReplace via the Paypal 'Buy Now' link on its web page.

You will receive your license and/or activation within 24 hours. Because we provide an extensive trial period, all sales are presumed final and no refunds are available; please be certain you have thoroughly tested the program before purchasing a license.

Once you receive a license, select Help ↠ License Install in the application menu and enter your license block in the dialog.


Upgrades are free within a major version: eg, Version 1.00-1.92.

Upgrades are heavily discounted if upgrading from version to version: eg, Version 1.15 to Version 3.00.

We will often provide a free license upgrade for customers who bought the software six months ago or less.