Open Source Software Projects

Tcl/Tk Packages

TclAutoUpdateApp: provides Check for Update and Automatic Install/Upgrades.

TclMacBag: Mac widgets with fallbacks elsewhere.

TclMiniSplash: Small, simple splash screen.

TclScoreProgress: A Tk Widget to measure progress by Success and Failure.

TclTalkback: Collect error feedback.

Perl Modules

PBar: A command line/CLI progress bar for Perl.

Small Handy Scripts

Tcl MP3 Alarm Clock: Wake up to randomised tunes you like.

USB Automounter: Mac-style automount for USB disks on Linux

Puppetize Iptables Rules: Converts old iptables firewall scripts to Puppet syntax.

lsop: LiSt Open Ports: A little cousin to lsof, but for network ports.


DOS command-line fontpack

Blank Cursors