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What is the relationship between Caffin.Biz and Projectmanaged.Work?

It's essentially the same business. My original site, Caffin.Biz, has more of an IT focus. Projectmanaged.Work is more for project manager skills consulting. Both sites are linked to the extent that an account created on one is also an account on the other — and the same goes for invoices.

What's the difference between "Sign Up," "Activation" and "Registration"?

My signup activation/password reset/email address change email is taking a while to arrive. What's happening?

The most common cause is over-zealous settings on your email host's mail server/s. To speed up delivery, you may wish to add "" to your mail server's white-list.

The email may also have been filtered to another folder, such as Junk Mail.

I get the error message: "Too many failed login attempts. Try again in a few hours." What can I do?

This is a security feature to ensure bots won't ever gain access by brute-force password guessing.

A human can try again earlier than that by using a different web browser. It might be wise to use the Password Reset feature first though.

What data/information is kept or stored by this site?

For information, please see the Privacy Policy.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

Change the option "Info emails" from Yes to No. It actually defaults to No, so you would have had to have chosen to opt in.

This setting does not disable administrative emails: eg, password confirmations, etc.

How do I delete my account?

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Use the Contact form to request your account deletion.

It is essential that you are logged in so that we can verify you have the authority to make the request. Account deletion is a manual process with a target of 0-36 hours to complete. We may contact you before actioning the request if, on checking our server logs, it looks like may be having problems that can be readily solved with technical support.

Where is this website developed?

Perth, Western Australia. Products and services may contain traces of Dropbear.

I'm an Australian business. What is your ABN so I can claim this quiz on my BAS?

The developer's income as a sole trader is under the threshold required to register for GST.

How do I report a bug?

Report them here.