Sysadmin, Dev, Agile IT PM — Perth, Western Australia

• Linux and Windows Server admin.
• Devops and Cloud admin.
• Web Servers, DNS and more.
• Remote systems admin scripting.
• Systems automation & panels.
• Full Stack web development.
• Waterfall and Agile/Scrum.
• Estimating and task schedules (WBS).
• PM, Agile, and ITIL certified.
• Dev Libraries for Tcl/Tk and Perl.
• Legacy Desktop Utils.
• Tees and Mugs, Merch and Swag.

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• Peter has recently completed his ITIL 4 Foundation cert; and the Lean Six Sigma White Belt mini-cert. Considering the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in 2022.
• Bit of a website re-org on 2021-11-26, so some deep-links have been deep-sixed or moved. Also, menus and footers now more accessible for screen readers, etc.


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