Peter Caffin
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Desktop Apps

Compare two dir heirarchies for which each has that the other doesn't.

Random password generator and batch script generator.

Search and Replace on files and filenames.

A simple hours Calculator for manual timesheets.

Small Library Catalog System (Coming Soon)

Fully featured PAD File editor (Retired)


Apps On Other Platforms

Australian Jobseeker
A job search and reporting tool for Facebook (Coming Soon).

Name TBA
A little game/parody app for Android and iPhone (Coming Soon).


About the Developer

Peter Caffin
In 2013, looking wind-swept and stubbly, moody and enigmatic.


A systems administrator and software developer, from Perth, Western Australia.

Some older apps have been retired, others might not get completed, while others are proprietary while in someone's employ. If you're interested, take a look at Peter's Dead Parrots Gallery.

Peter is also a supporter of micro-lending to help reduce poverty worldwide, through Kiva.

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